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The Story Begins

We come from a long line of farmers from Germany and have traced the paternal ancestry to Germany in the late 1600's. The first immigrant to America was John Sebastien Truckenmiller age 17, who arrived on the Pink "John & Mary" up the Delaware River to Philadelphia on October 17th 1732. Along with his cousin Catherine Schmuckenbrucken age 13, they found a home amongst their native compatriots in Upper Milford Township just Southwest of what was to become Allentown. The two were later married and had their first child eight years later. Their last and 13th child was named Jacob Truckenmiller and he married Anna Marie Kerchner had nine children and number five was Jacob K Truckenmiller. Jacob married Sarah Egner and they had eight children, their fourth child was Jacob Egner Truckenmiller. He married Lucy Ann Darrow and had eight children of which Charles Egner Miller was their first child. Jacob Egner Truckenmiller would die of his wounds at the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862. We believe that Charles worked on the Erie Canal as the industrial age gained speed and Seneca Falls, NY is where Charles was born and he too had stories of the Erie Canal. Charles was the pioneer of the family moving to Yuma Colorado in the early 1880's and finally ending up in Kersey and buried in Eaton. His son Deforest Hassinger Miller named after Charles brother was my Great Grandfather, then Tim I Miller Sr. and my dad Tim I Miller Jr now 82 years old. Charles was the end of the farmer types having a garden he sold crops at the market but the rest of my lineage worked in the sugar industry and the grocery industry. I have a sister who works for a major packaging company today. Now I am starting the tradition of the family farming all over. some of the shirt-tail ancestry have their backgrounds in milling flour and grains as well so I thought it would be a great idea to make the Truckenmiller name known in a relatively new but widely known industry, the development of Hemp crop for healing and useable products for mankind. Hemp has great value and diversity of use. It offers healing qualities and clothing and other manufactured items. We begin this enterprise knowing full well the value of our end product and hope you'll consider doing business with us through our Truckenmiller and Born High Brands. I'm Kevin Miller, the new era begins . . .

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